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Danielle Stein Fairhurst of Plum Solutions demonstrates how to build a rolling forecast, including dynamic formulas and dynamic seasonal linear trends (using FORECAST functions). Danielle also shares her excel file to download for your own use.

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Download the Excel File

We know that the world does not stop at the end of calendar year, and that updating models is both a significant effort and risk factor.

  • Building a rolling forecast can help you to reset your model to focus on time periods without using Lookup functions or adding infinite columns.
  • Dynamic formulas make your models flexible and changeable and can save you time while decreasing model risk. 
  • Automated forecasting tied to rolling forecasts provides a view to any period. In addition, it creates a  baseline, “naïve forecast” to compare actual results versus business projections.
  • Graphically integrating actuals, budget and forecast can help to deliver your finance message.

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VIDEO TWO: Coming in August

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